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Delacon’s Call Tracking Solution Integrates With Performance Horizon Group

Delacon’s call tracking solution integrates with Performance Horizon Group

More accurate measurement of affiliate marketing campaigns is now possible with the integration of Delacon’s advanced call tracking solution and Performance Horizon Group’s reporting tool. All within one platform, marketers can now accurately identify the best performing affiliate websites and…

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Take Call Analytics To The Next Level

Take call analytics to the next level

When the ability to capture data around a telephone call was first developed and made available by call tracking providers, marketers for the first time could accurately measure both click and call conversions to judge the success of their marketing…

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Track Callers Across Different Domain Names

Track callers across different domain names

Today’s internet is a fascinating world of intermingled websites with links crisscrossing through cyber-space sending prospects on a continual journey of discovering. To meet your business objectives, you might choose to create several websites under different domain names and send prospects…

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Identify The Web Page A Prospect Calls From

Identify the web page a prospect calls from

With a simple addition to the standard Delacon call tracking javascript code, as a marketer you could identify either the website page the prospect telephoned from or the complete journey around your website that the caller took before they made…

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Call Activities Automatically Created With Delacon’s Salesforce Integration

Call activities automatically created with Delacon’s Salesforce integration

Does your business face the challenge of accurately identifying how many times a prospect contacts your sales team before they become a customer? If you’re using a CRM such as Salesforce, it’s relatively easy for emails to be automatically logged…

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Delacon Launches On Salesforce AppExchange, The World’s Leading Enterprise Apps Marketplace

Delacon Launches on Salesforce AppExchange, the World’s Leading Enterprise Apps Marketplace

Closing the loop just became easy with the announcement today that Delacon, a leading international call tracking provider, has launched on the Salesforce AppExchange, empowering businesses to connect with customers, partners and employees in a whole new way. Marketers that…

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Top 5 Reasons To Track Calls From An EDM Campaign

Top 5 reasons to track calls from an eDM campaign

When used with appropriate database segmentation, eDMs can be a highly effective method to engage prospects, keep customers inspired and to generate immediate sales. The gauge of email success comes down to your business objectives – but if you include…

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Kenshoo And Delacon Integrate Call Tracking Data To Improve Search Marketing Results

Kenshoo and Delacon Integrate Call Tracking Data to Improve Search Marketing Results

Kenshoo, the global leader in predictive marketing software, and Delacon, a leading international call tracking provider, announced a partnership that enables companies to include call tracking data generated from search marketing campaign along with other conversion activity to enhance paid…

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Call Data Provides Valuable Insights To Optimise ECommerce Websites

Call data provides valuable insights to optimise eCommerce websites

While the concepts around the measurement and optimisation of campaigns with the inclusion of all available conversion data will always be a fundamental element of call tracking, there are other key stakeholders, aside from marketing teams, that may find the…

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Call Conversions As A Key Component Of Attribution Modelling

Call conversions as a key component of attribution modelling

Depending on your unique business requirements and objectives, the use of an attribution model can be an effective way to ensure that multiple keywords and different sources are taken into consideration when the prospect is ready to contact your organisation…

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